Transmission Day on Bumper to Bumper Radio

Our Lead Diagnostic Technician Jon joined Dave Riccio live on Bumper to Bumper Radio to talk about all things transmission on March 10, 2018.

Take a listen to learn more about Tri-City's unique and unmatched approach to transmission service and repair!

Transmission services are often misunderstood by both the general public and the auto repair service industry. On this show you will learn the difference between transmission problems and transmission control problems, information about transmission related trouble codes, what other issues you could be experiencing if you think your transmission is “slipping," examples of common misguided transmission services, and more!

“What do you mean I don’t need a new transmission? Everyone else says I do!”

At Tri-City Transmission, we hear this daily. We find that most shops would rather replace a transmission than fix it. It’s not because they’re dishonest – they just don’t know how. At Tri-City Transmission, if we can fix your car without a costly overhaul or replacement, we will! For over 40 years, the people who come to Tri-City Transmission expecting the worst leave with good news and a bill significantly less than their car payment. We love to give good news – and over 70% of the time, we do!

We have found a lot of miss information surrounding transmission service and what’s required. Information comes from auto manufacturers, automotive manufacturing dealers, general auto repair shops, lube shops, oil companies, car washes, back yard mechanics and transmission shops. When you ask all of these, rarely will you get the same answer when it comes to how you should take care of your transmission. You have to realize that each of our trusted sources comes from some completely different perspectives, backgrounds and knowledge bases, and most of these have been subject to inaccurate information themselves. Most of these sources would gladly tell you they don’t really understand the inside of a transmission, maybe just a conceptual understanding.

Tri-City Transmission’s perspective & recommendation comes from this; performing thousands of transmission overhauls & hundreds of thousands of transmission services over the last 37 years. We live, eat and breathe transmissions. It’s our passion! We perform costly repairs on transmission that could have been avoided had the transmissions been properly serviced & maintained regularly. The transmission is the second most expensive component in your vehicle, who do you want to entrust your transmission to?