Transmission Repaired For Less Than Customer's Car Payment

Case Study:  2006 Dodge, 47RH/RE (A.K.A. A618) Transmission, 63,893 miles, Transmission Slips from a Stop, and it Does not Seem to Want to Ever Shift.  Sometimes You Can Get it to Shift By Manipulating the Gas Pedal

Customer Concern: It has been going on for a few days now, but it accelerates really slow and never seems to shift.

Tri-City Transmission Diagnosis: Technician scanned computer & found diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) P1757 - Governor – Zero Pressure Malfunction and P1762 - Governor Pressure Sensor Offset. Technician went out for a road test and experienced second gear starts and no up shifts.  Technician was able to verify on computer scanner data stream that the governor pressure did not correspond to the vehicle speed as it should confirming that the governor controls had failed.

Tri-City Recommendation and Final Resolution: Remove transmission pan; inspect pan and inspect filter for any evidence of transmission failure that could possibly be contaminating the governor controls. If everything checks good with the inspection, then remove valve body from transmission (repair does not require major transmission removal) and replace the electronic governor transducer controls, install the valve body, replace the transmission filter, transmission pan gasket and fill with fresh fluid. One day turnaround time in most cases

Customer Comments on This Repair: My vehicle drove so badly before I brought it in that I was certain I needed a transmission.  I did a little bit of internet research before finding you, and by self diagnosis, I had convinced myself that I needed a transmission.  You fixed my transmission for less than my car payment.  Enjoy the pizza, thanks again, Mike

Tri-City Transmission of Tempe Comments:
This is routine repair at Tri-City Transmission.  Customer usually describes a transmission slipping.  This is due to the car starting out in 2nd or 3rd gear and it feels like the vehicle won’t get out of its own way.   Other times the governor controls fail in away where the vehicle starts out in first gear but fails to shift into second gear.  A lot of transmissions get replaced unnecessarily for governor control problems.  Accurately diagnosed, and we emphasize accurately diagnosed because this is often overlooked or even unknown at many shops, there is no reason to replace the transmission.  We consider it to be like replacing an engine for a bad fuel injector.

This transmission and many other Chrysler, Plymouth & Dodge Transmissions use this type of electronic governor control.  Other transmission models are:  A500 (aka 42RH/RE), A518 (aka 46RH/RE) , A618 (aka 47RH/RE) also found in vehicles such as the Dodge Ram, Dodge Ram Van, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Durango, Jeep Grand Cherokee.  This would be regardless of two wheel drive or four wheel drive (2WD or 4WD).