"I Would Highly Recommend Them to All My Friends And You As Well"

"I found Tri-City Transmission online. I have a 2003 Mazda Protege5 with an automatic/standard transmission. My regular mechanic suggested that I have the transmission checked, as he had replaced a wheel bearing, but the front end of the car was still making some noise. I called Tri-City and made an appointment. When I arrived, they drove my car with me, having me identify the sound that I was concerned about. They also called my mechanic to find out what he had done and his assessment. They then did a complete diagnostic of the front end of car. It turned out the transmission was fine, but the motor mounts were cracked and beginning to break, as well as another wheel bearing.

"They quoted me a very good price, broke down exactly why everything cost what it did and I felt they gave me an honest price and diagnosed the problem accurately, as my car now hugs the road and sounds great! The service was very friendly and everything was explained in detail. They even fixed a seat belt in the back seat at no cost that had gotten some paint in it and I mentioned it didn't work anymore. They opened it up, cleaned it thoroughly and it works great now. I would rate this business as honest, having an extremely high level of customer service and exceptional in its ability to diagnose problems. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and you as well."