"The Personal Attention I Received Was Topnotch"

"I run a one man repair business and when my truck is down, my business is down. Recently, I was driving to my first call, and the transmission quit working. I had to have my truck towed, and Dave at Tri-City Transmission took my truck in on short notice. There had to be at least 50 cars on their lot when the tow truck arrived, and yet he took the time to make sure my truck was looked at and evaluated quickly. Dave took the time to go over the needed repairs, even showing me the transmission all apart and assuring me that they would rebuild the transmission and get the truck back to me in a short time frame. I was amazed at all the parts that make up the transmission. The personal attention I received was topnotch. I have had this truck for 22 years, and whenever I need transmission work done, I have always taken it to Tri-City Transmission. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needed work done on their vehicle. My vehicle is driving great, and I truly thank Dave and his team for their excellent service."

-John C