"You And Your Vehicle Are In Great Hands"

"I need to let everyone know how great Tri-City Transmission is!! 

I have a 2004 Honda Pilot EXL that I had only had for less than 2 years, about 6 months after buying the vehicle it was having some crazy slipping issues. If I was stopped at a light, sometimes the car wouldn't go, so I would have to drop the car down into another gear (usually 3rd) and it would start to drive again.  It didn't always do this, but it did it often enough to be a nuisance.

One day I was out with my daughter to one of her numerous doctors appointments and the car did this crazy thing and I couldn't seem to make it get back into where it would drive again without this weird slipping out of gear issue. I coasted into a parking lot that happened to have an auto shop in it.

These guys ran their computer and told me it was some part, charged me an arm and a leg while I waited for almost 3 hours.  The car started doing the same thing just a week later and I took it back to those guys and they told me they couldn't find anything else wrong with my car.

I drove my car like this for over a year, and it was getting worse. I was pretty sure from researching the internet it was the transmission.  There was a large amount of transmission issues with this vehicle that were part of a large recall, of course my Pilot was not one of the ones listed in the recall. 

I had taken my vehicle to two other shops after the first guys and before Tri-City, they couldn't find the problem either.

I had to take my car into Honda late March 2015 for some other recall issues and they told me I needed a new transmission to the tune of over $8000.Well my car isn't even worth $8000.

Two friends of mine recommended Dave and Tri-City Transmission and that he was honest and would tell me exactly what needed to be done and how much it would be and if it needed to be done.

I was moving out of state with my daughter in April to get her better medical care and was worried about driving it that distance with it slipping on and off. Dave explained to me that the reason the other shops weren't finding what was wrong with my Pilot is they weren't driving it around enough to replicate the problem. The vehicle needed to be hot, and if it travelled around for a greater distance the problem would occur. Because I didn't often travel more than 50 miles most weeks, the problem didn't get worse and why I was able to drive the vehicle as long as I did the way that it was.

So after this discussion with Dave, we knew that the vehicle had to be repaired. He told me he would get if fixed the least expensive way possible. I had explained to Dave that I was moving to another state for my 9 year old daughter, that she had a terminal disease and that I was going to have to raise funds to get my car fixed as the only money I had coming in was her SSI. The state I was moving to would allow me to be paid to care for her, but the state of AZ doesn't have this program.

Very long story short, when I went in to pick up my vehicle the guys there were all very nice. They were chatting with my daughter while we waited. They were just finishing up an oil change and tire rotation for me! They wanted to be sure that my car was in tip top shape for my departure out of state!! I couldn't believe it!  Next thing that happened literally brought me to tears.  They were all so touched and moved by my daughter and my needing to move to another state for her, that they took care of the bill!! Seriously, how do you thank someone you don't even know for something as amazing as that?

I know that Dave follows my daughters story now and knows that things have been so much better for her in our new state!! I can not thank the guys enough for taking such good care of my car, making sure it was absolutely in the best shape possible for our move, and then having the biggest most caring hearts in the world for our situation!!

Tri-City Transmission ROCKS and have HONEST and RELIABLE mechanics there!! You and your vehicle are in great hands taking it there!!"

-Susan L