"The Service I Received Was Fabulous"

"I'm the original owner of a 2002 Honda Accord and the transmission went out. We're new to the area so I got some references from several people and Tri City came up. I also checked several online resources and they were highly recommended. When spending around $2,900, I'm going to do my homework.

The service I received was fabulous. They gave me a quote range with a very acceptable variance of about a 15%. When it was all said and done, the actual cost variance ended up at 8%.

It's been about a month since the work was completed and my car is running great. I've been extremely impressed with the way these guys practice business. When I took my car back for the 2 week checkup I waited in the lobby. While I was in there I heard who I believe was the owner say to another employee something like: "This customer was told by 'XYZ Shop' that she needs a new transmission. But we just checked it out and I don't think so."

Tri City could have easily provided this customer the same answer and likely had a nice billing for work that was unnecessary. Instead, they choose the honest route in order to a build long term customer relationship.

They charged me a fair price for great work & service -- which I'm more than glad to pay for."

-Peter P