"I Recommend Them Highly"

"About a year ago I bought a 50's 'hot rod' with an aftermarket 5-speed gearbox. Over time the gearbox began to leak live a sieve, and I needed to have it repaired. I was concerned about how my car would be received, being as it had been modified, so I sat down with Dave Riccio (the owner) and expressed my concerns.  We came up with a battle plan, and I left my car with them. In short order they removed and cleaned the transmission, replaced the seals, made heli-coil repairs where the 'last guy' had gotten a bit ham-fisted, and thoroughly cleaned all of the external components.  It was also discovered that the propeller shaft was about two inches too short and did not slide far enough into the back of the transmission. Dave had a local driveshaft company come out to Tri-City to take measurements for a new one, which ensured that the length was perfect. At every step along the way Dave called me and invited me to come over and take a look. When the car was completed and ready for pickup, we took a test-drive, and then put the car up on the hoist to once again check for leaks; none were found.

In summary, I can't thank Dave and Tri-City enough for their excellent work.  Not only are the leaks gone, the car runs down the road with less vibration and is much smoother, now that the propeller shaft is the correct length. I would not have figured that one out on my own. Were they expensive? Well...transmission work is never cheap, and they did go the extra mile to diagnose and fix unforeseen problems. I did my homework and found that what they charged me was extremely fair, based on everything they did. I cannot complain at all. They took on a car with 'special needs', they did a great deal of work to my car for a very reasonable price, and I recommend them highly."

-Paul M