"I Give Them A Five Star Rating Without Reservation"

"February 2017: The month my 2010 Ford Explorer ate it's transmission for lunch. The dealership wanted $5-7K for a repair. I went online looking for a qualified shop. As an aviation mechanic I know a bit about how hard it can be doing repairs on complicated machinery. I chose Tri-City based on their customer reviews and I was not disappointed.
The guys at Tri-City run a very clean, well organized shop. They are super friendly and kept me in the loop at all times. They made or beat every deadline they set and took care of several small issues with my truck that I wasn't even aware of. The company 3 year 100K miles warranty is as good as you could hope for. Other than doing the work for free (just kidding, have you ever seen an automatic transmission torn apart) I honestly can't think of a single thing they could have done better. 
So if your transmission goes bad, it sucks, and it's likely to be an expensive repair. The guys at Tri-City know this and, in my experience, do all they can to make an unfortunate event tolerable. Remember, they didn't cause the problem but they can fix it. I give them a five star rating without reservation."

-Robert C, Tempe AZ