"I Was So Impressed By His Honesty"

"I don't like to write reviews and have never written a review prior to this one. Maybe I am weird, but I expect companies in the service industry to ... well ... provide good service both to the items being serviced and to the customer. However, I was so thoroughly impressed by Tri-City I decided to break my pattern. I contacted Tri-City after what I thought was a serious transmission issue and was convinced, I would be paying thousands of dollars for a new transmission or rebuild. I spoke to Dave to schedule an appointment and after explaining my vehicle's symptoms he told me I might be thinking about it all wrong. He told me it might not be a transmission issue at all and if it was transmission related, it might just need a service. Well, he was right. All I needed was a transmission service to fix the transmission related issue (at a fraction of my suspected cost)! I also want to mention that during the test drive he identified a problem that I had noticed for about a month unrelated to the suspected transmission issue. Now, most of us think "Oh, gosh, here we go with the million things that are wrong and need to be fixed" spiel, but it wasn't like that all! Dave was open, honest and put no pressure on me to fix any other issues. He even offered referrals if there was a shop closer to my home. I was so impressed by his honesty I assure you he will be getting my business for future repairs!"

-Ron M.