"Tri-City Saved Me from Wasting Money on O2 Sensors I didn't Need"

"We inherited my father's truck for my son who will be driving soon. On our first trip around the block the check engine light and traction light came on. The excitement was quickly killed. We pulled into a local auto parts store where they plugged in their machine for a diagnostic and said I needed O2 sensors which they carried and said they would be easy to change out. The older I get, the less I want to crawl under a car. I called Tri-City Transmission and Auto Repair and spoke with Dave asking for a price for O2 sensors. He said rarely are O2 sensors bad when there is an O2 sensor code. He recommended that I come in for a diagnostic. They found it, a bad section of wiring at the top of the engine. Tri-City saved me from wasting money on O2 sensors I didn't need and a Saturday of frustration. Thanks Tri-City Transmission!! "

-Darrin P.