"We Truly Feel They Care About Our Family’s Safety"

"Tri-City Transmission is a top-notch shop. As an engineer I am very critical of who works on my vehicles and how that work is performed. My trust is not easily earned. I found out about this shop from a radio program and in listening to him, Dave was always forthright, honest and analytical so I decided to check out the shop. They gave me a tour of the facility and I found that it was akin to a surgical suite-clean, organized and well maintained. Even the restrooms are impeccable, which says a lot for an auto shop. I’ve now had 3 transmissions repaired or rebuilt. Each time they diagnosed the problem and let me know the anticipated cost prior to doing the work. Most mechanics shops consider a transmission voodoo black magic and simply exchange them with a rebuilt one. Tricity transmissions are true professionals because they diagnose the problem before taking action. They don’t just exchange the transmission and hand you a bill. I was told that they check and recheck the torque on all the bolts and when this is done, they put a spot of paint on the bolt. Sure enough, when I personally inspected the bottom of my vehicles, I found 2 colors of paint on each bolt. I drive over 100 miles to use their services and will continue to do so when necessary because of my faith in their abilities. Our interaction with the personnel has always been pleasant and we truly feel they care about our family’s safety."

-Shelley H.