Timing Belt Repair and Replacement Sun City AZ


Timing Belt Repair and Replacement Sun City AZ

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Timing belt replacement isn’t just a commodity. An improper timing belt replacement is worse than not replacing your timing belt at all.

That might seem extreme to some, but here at Tri-City Transmission, we know it to be true. Bad timing belt replacements wreck the performance of your car -- and in some cases the engine. 

What is a Timing Belt?

You car’s timing belt is the belt that controls the camshafts in your engine, opening and closing valves at just the right time for smooth operation. It is a simply rubber belt with rubber teeth. Once a single tooth happens to get caught the wrong way, you have a broken timing belt. On most vehicles, a broken timing belt leads to thousands of dollars in repairs.

When Does a Timing Belt Need to Be Replaced?

Since there are no obvious warning signs, there is really no way to know when your timing belt might snap. That’s why your car owners manual tells you at exactly what mileage intervals you should change it, regardless of whether you are having car problems or not. Typically, that will be anywhere from 60,000 to 120,000 miles.

The timing belt is buried deep inside your car’s engine, so it is very labor intensive and the cost is considerably more in time and labor than in the actual cost of the belt. To save money in the future, you should seriously consider replacing your water pump at the same time -- even if it isn’t bad or leaking at that time – The new timing belt will outlast the water pump and the water pump is driven by the timing belt.  You will save money on labor preventing a pump replacement that is going to require taking all that stuff apart again.  Also, when water pumps fail, they can ruin a brand new timing belt causing the catastrophe listed above that we were trying to prevent. Additionally, timing belt idlers and tensioners should be addressed for exactly the same reasons as the water pump.

Why Tri-City Transmission?

  • Quality Workmanship. This is always key when performing a Timing Belt Replacement. At Tri-City Transmissions, we use Sr. Technicians only. Poor workmanship ruins cars and you won't necessarily know it, but we see it daily. Poor gas mileage, annoying check engine lights, catastrophic engine failure -- just to name a few.
  • Quality Parts. We use only OEM, OES or equivalent. We use original parts, not generic. Everyone will tell you they are using good parts, but are they?
  • Complete Repairs. Water pump, timing belt tensioners, timing belt idlers, and necessary seals are all easily accessible while working on a timing belt. Avoid paying for repairs twice by taking advantage of this and repairing or replacing all necessary parts while we are already deep within your engine.

Timing Belt Repair and Replacement Sun City AZ

Timing Belt Repair and Replacement Sun City AZ