"If You Want Bright And Honest Techs Working On Your Car This Is The Place"

"After three different diagnosis by two other shops and more than $500 spent in worthless repair, I decided to get a third diagnostic at Tri-City Transmission, regarding the check engine light on my Rav4 2000. The code referred to one of the solenoids inside the transmission. Most important of all was that the car would not pass emissions because of this code After their first diagnostic they let me know it could be a computer error, a wire or an actual solenoid. Either way the costs could be above $1500, most of it in extensive labor.

The techs went ahead with a extended diagnostic and after a few different approaches to this issue they were able to completely isolate the problem without affecting the functionality of the transmission. There are a couple things that I really appreciated in this thorough process: - they kept me informed every step of the way and even asked me to come to the shop so I can see what they see. - while going after this error they went cost efficient in their diagnosis (while knowing the car would not pass emissions) In the end the repair cost was four times less than what I was prepared for. If you want bright and honest techs working on your car this is the place.

Thanks Dave!"