"That's Right... I Was Low on Transmission Fluid. That's It!"

"My regular shop gave me the devastating news that the transmission needed to be replaced, at a cost of $2900 + tax. However, I came accross Tri-City Transmission and after reading many of their favorable reviews I decided to let them look at my car too, for a second opinion. Well... by the end of the day Tri-City called me with the news. "We completed the courtesy check, tightened up the radiator fitting, cleaned up a coolant leak, and filled the transmission fluid that was 2 qts low. The codes are gone... took it for a drive and everything looks good." That's right... I was low on transmission fluid. That's it! The guys at Tri-City are Honest. I am so happy I had them look at my Honda. By the way, my car is running great now, not to mention that I didn't have to give my other mechanic $2900 for something I didn't need. Thanks Tri-City. You exemplify "The Best"." - NL