"Thank You For Operating A Business Of Integrity"

"I am sending you this letter to express my appreciation for the honesty and integrity that one of your employees, Mr. Tom Kelly extended to me yesterday. I have a 2010 Nissan Sentra that the transmission was overheating on. It was suggested by a friend that I contact your shop. I called and spoke to Tom Kelly, explained what was going on, and much to my surprise, he advised me to contact Nissan, give them my VIN number, to see if my VIN was included on a list of 120,000 mile extended warranties that Nissan was honoring due to known deficiencies and problems with my particular transmission. I have never had a repair shop do this before. I called Nissan and sure enough, my VIN was on the extended warranty list. They took the car in right away and made repairs, which included a new transmission cooler and fluid swap, and told me that if I incurred any further problems, Nissan would honor the warranty.

Not many other people or businesses would have turned away business for the benefit of the customer like Mr. Killy did. I want you to know that when my Nissan extended warranty runs out is 25.5K miles, (probably 15 months for me), you will have a new loyal customer, and I will spread the word about what my experience has been with Tri-City, and recommend your shop anytime I can.

Thank you for operating a business of integrity, I wish more businesses and people in general were like you guys.

Respectfully and Gratefully Submitted"

-Joe D