"They Sure Impressed Me With Their Integrity"

"I went to Tri City Transmission because somebody in my office recommended them. The four wheel drive on my Isuzu Ascender had literally ground to a stop. After diagnosing the service manager said the problem was in the front differential. He gave me a high--low estimate which would depend on how much work was need to repair the differential once they got it apart and looked inside. (how many parts and how much labor to repair my differential.) Two days later the owner called me to tell me that my problem was much worse than anticipated because the differential was completely dry of lubricant and the parts had literally melted together. The axle which runs through the differential was also damaged and would need to be replaced. They brought in a front differential from another state, replaced the axle, and did this all for the original estimate. I'm sure they lost money on the repair, but they sure impressed me with their integrity."

-Robert M