Tri-City Transmission Saves Customer $5000 vs. Dealership Quote

Case Study: Toyota Tundra Transmission, AB60E/F or A960

Toyota Tundra Transmission | Codes P0751, P0756, P0761, P0766, P0729, P0781At Tri-City Transmission, we had two Toyota Tundra’s towed in within the same week - both 2007 models and both from the dealership. Each truck had around 130k miles behind it and each were quoted for new transmissions and computers. Uncomfortable with the diagnosis, the customers decided to leave the dealership in search of a second opinion. Tri-City Transmission repaired each Toyota Tundra for less than $1,000.00. 

Up until this point, we have found this particular transmission to be bullet proof with very few real issues. There is a Toyota Tundra Service Bulletin which -- if misinterpreted or applied incorrectly -- would replace the transmission and transmission control modules for no good reason. It would be like replacing an engine for a bad spark plug. Applicable computer diagnostic codes are P0751, P0756, P0761, P0766, P0729, P0781.

A thorough Diagnostic is more than just scanning for codes and following poorly written bulletins. Interpretation, experience, testing and expertise keep us from making this mistake.

Toyota Tundra Customer Review

Read a review from one of our Toyota Tundra customers from the Better Business Bureau:

WOW! The staff at Tri-City is just plain awesome. I took my 2007 Tundra to (2) different dealerships who both told me the same thing "you HAVE to replace your transmission & your trans computer" and by the way it will cost about $6,000. I tried explaining that I'm no expert but I know its not the whole tranny, maybe just the computer. The dealership refused to sell me just a computer so I picked it up and took it to Tri-City. After a brief couple days the techs there diagnosed the problem as being a bad solenoid, that's it, just a bad solenoid for a few hundred bucks. Tri-city saved me over $5,000 in un-needed repairs. All due to the fact they took their time to actually diagnose the issue, not just plug in a laptop and say "well the code says new tranny & comp" they went the extra mile and have earned my transmission work for life. -Richard Harmon

Click here to download the Toyota Tundra Service Bulletin

Toyota Tundra Transmission | Codes P0751, P0756, P0761, P0766, P0729, P0781

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